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May 9, 2024

During a recent event, speakers came together to celebrate food diversity, scientific advances, and community innovation. This week’s episode of “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg” features two panels from the program moderated by Dani. First, panelists discuss the power and privilege that shape food and agriculture systems, what we can learn from looking back at traditional foodways, and why communities must be engaged in growing their own food. Then, speakers explore the educational approaches that are nurturing the next generation of food systems leaders, the value of bringing culturally relevant ingredients into the classroom, and how programs can connect food, nutrition, and planetary health. 

Speakers include Rachel Atcheson, Deputy Director for the New York City Mayor's Office on Food Policy; Sheryll Durrant, Board President of Just Food and the Food and Agriculture Coordinator for the International Rescue Committee; Jessica Harris, an author and journalist, leading expert on foodways of the African Diaspora and Professor Emeritus at Queens College; Tony Hillery, CEO and Founder of Harlem Grown; Michael Kotutwa Johnson, a member of the Hopi Tribe in Northern Arizona, an Indigenous Resilience Specialist at the School of Natural Resources and the Environment and an Associate Faculty at the Indigenous Resilience Center at the University of Arizona; Stephen Ritz, Executive Director of Green Bronx Machine; Karen Washington, a farmer and activist with Rise and Root Farm; and Marion Williams, National Program Director for Wellness in the Schools.

This event was held in partnership with the Periodic Table of Food Initiative, Food EDU, The Rockefeller Foundation, the American Heart Association, and the Alliance of Bioversity International - CIAT. 

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