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Jan 25, 2024

At a recent Summit during the Sundance Film Festival, Food Tank and 360 Communications
presented a day of programming focused on food, environment, and the arts. This episode of
“Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg” features two conversations from the event.

First, hear from Chef Bleu Adams, Founder and Director of IndigeHub and a member of the
American Culinary Corps. She discusses strategies to bring more equity to the restaurant
industry, why it’s important for her to be a part of the American Culinary Corps; and how
IndigeHub is working to address the challenges that the Navajo Nation face. Then hear from
Kimbal Musk, a chef, entrepreneur, food advocate, and author of The Kitchen Cookbook and
Christiana Musk, Chair of Unreasonable Group and the Founder of Flourish Trust. They discuss
the challenges of navigating conflicting research on livestock, and the role technology will play
in the future of the food system, and how they’re reaching eaters with their new projects.

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