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Aug 17, 2023

As part of Food Tank’s recent Summit in Chicago, some of the city’s leading voices in food and
agriculture came together to explore issues of food access and affordability. They called for
investment in solutions led by communities who know what they need; reflected on the changes
Chicago’s food system has seen in the last decade; and discussed their vision for a vibrant, just,
and resilient urban food system where everyone can afford healthy, culturally relevant, and
delicious food.
Speakers include Sam Acho, ESPN Sports Analyst, NFL veteran, and author; Erika Allen, Co-
Founder and CEO of Strategic Development and Programs for the Urban Growers Collective;
Jahmal Cole, CEO and Founder of My Block My Hood My City; Rodger Cooley, Executive
Director, Chicago Food Policy Action Council; Monica Eng, a journalist for Axios; Haven
Leeming, Senior Program Officer for Builders Vision; Dr. David Nayak, a farmer and the
Founder of Nayak Farms; Liz Moran Stelk, Executive Director at the Illinois Stewardship
Alliance; and Lisa Tallman, Project Executive Director for Community Food Navigator.
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